Doll Commissions

Base body is created using Amigurumi techniques (crochet) it has a wire skeleton and then it is stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfil. The doll is poseable and the head turns (it is actually similar to a barbie's head as you can also yank it off if you so desire.)

The doll stands approximately 12" (30cm) tall from the base of the feet to the top of the head. Footwear, hair and horns can all add height.

I mainly use Schachenmayr Catania 100% cotton for the body. Hair is either created using a doll wig or wool rovings. I normally use eyes from my favourite supplier Suncatcher Eyes though sometimes I will directly handpaint them on the doll.

Order Fact

Dolls take some time to create so I take a limited number of orders at a time. Normal time from ordering to completion is 2 weeks, this allows me some time to source any supplies I may not have on hand and to work on doll.

Commissions are subject to my approval. If in the event I decide not to proceed with your order I will refund your down payment. I recommend you email me at with your request before placing order.

Custom dolls normally range from $120 to $150. I normally work from an image provided by the client. After being sent an image I can provide a quote. I require a deposit before I start the doll and will send it once I receive the remainder due.