About Me

The Obsessive Goth of IsaTe's Designs
I come from a background in Fashion Design and have always had a fascination with textiles. Making dolls allows me to create using a diverse assortment of mediums and textiles. Sometimes I am a cobbler creating the perfect pair of shoes, or a hairstylist achieving the perfect hair spike. Doll making allows me to pursue my love of Pop Culture and create a small piece of sculptural art.
My dolls are inspired by video games, pop culture, goth aesthetics, fashion and literature. I love the challenge of creating a doll of a client's OC or a character from their favourite fandom.

Some Facts About Me 

  • I'm a Canadian First Nations (Mohawk Bay of Quinte)
  • Currently live in Upstate New York
  • Fashion Graduate
  • Nerd
  • Mom of 1 human, 2 dogs