How to Take Body Measurements
Hold the tape firmly but not so tightly that it cuts into the body. Remember it is hard to get accurate measurements by yourself, so the help of a friend is always beneficial. I if you don’t have an assistant do the best you can.

High Bustline – Measure above the bust and just below the underarm all the way around the body. Exhale and hold the tape measure tight.

Bustline - Measure under the armpits around the bust at nipple height (or fullest point). Remember to make sure measuring tape is parallel to the floor across the back

Under Bust – Measure under bust and around the body
*When taking all bust measurements it is best to do without a bra and wearing form fitting clothing. If breasts are widely spaced or have little to no space between them please add note. *
*Also take note if straps on Ready to Wear is normally too short or long on you*

Natural Waistline – This is above your belly button just below your ribcage where your body bends. Do not hold your breath or pull the tape tight when taking this measurement.

High Waist – Measure around your body at belly button.

Hip – Measure around the widest point of the hip with legs slightly apart

High Hip/Low Waist – measure about 3-4 inches below natural waist. This is an important measurement if you have a belly.

Shoulder to Waist – If you tilt your head forward you will notice that one bone on the back of your neck. Measure from this bone down to natural waist. 
Shoulder width – Try to stand upright with good posture but still naturally. Measure between the points of the shoulders, the points are where the shoulder meets the arm, or where the shoulder begins curving down into the arm. This is a measurement very difficult to take yourself.